What Is Spinal Decompression and Who Can Benefit From It?


To understand spinal decompression and its benefits, it’s important to first understand the basic structure of the spine.

All along the spine, there are 26 vertebrae stacked up from top to bottom. In between each vertebrae are discs – imagine little squishy, sponge-like cushions (or even better…marshmallows!) that soak up fluid to keep your vertebrae hydrated and in line. These discs in your spine have a very important job and create necessary padding between bones.

Over time, the discs can become flattened, dehydrated, herniated, degenerated, bulged, thin, and a number of other things – through regular daily living, but especially if certain conditions exist. Each of these changes in the health of your spinal discs often create common aches and pains people feel everyday.

Imagine your marshmallow or sponge getting squeezed flat… 

Spinal decompression treatment restores the fluid nutrients you need and creates space between the vertebrae to allow proper nerve flow and biomechanical function in the spine, easing aches and pains!

This treatment is great for anyone, but especially beneficial for the aging population, desk workers, and those who’ve had impact in their spine: military personnel, dancers, athletes, etc.
The most common patient we see for spinal decompression treatment is the nine-to-fiver wanting to relieve pain or prevent the likelihood of future aches.

Sitting at a desk for most of the day decreases disc space as fluid exits the disc causing dehydration, which can lead to long-term degeneration of the disc and spine. (Unless you’re sitting on these cool yoga ball chairs that we love!)

Over time, the discs in your spine will lose hydration and diminish in height, therefore losing space. This is why spinal decompression can also increasingly help as you age.

Spinal decompression treatment works very gently and specifically to release the pressure in between the spinal bones allowing for fluid and nutrients to be better absorbed. This allows for hydration and increased mobility within the joint space.


How do you know if spinal decompression will help you?

It’s not just a treatment for an aging patient or a gymnast. We actually recommend it for patients even as young as the mid-30’s. Our team is never going to suggest care that isn’t beneficial for your wellness or spine health.

Our recommendation is based on the amount of sponginess in your discs that we measure using x-rays. Every new patient at Crew Chiropractic receives x-rays to help us track their progress and build their care plan.

The space between your spine vertebrae should be 25cm, and if it’s not quite that, we will build a custom plan for you. A recent patient came in with 3cm size discs, and his road to recovery looks completely different than someone who corrected it sooner.

The average patient will be given a three month plan for spinal decompression. Some patients only require one week of care and we’ve had others need our doctors to walk with them for as long as six months.

Spinal decompression is a treatment that can change the trajectory of your life and the health of your spine – it isn’t an ongoing lifestyle of care.

Spinal decompression ultimately will help you feel better and function better.

The truth is in the x-rays!

Our team would love to guide you through your options and help you understand the benefits of spinal decompression as a part of your wellness journey. 

The phrase “spinal decompression” isn’t as common as a chiropractic adjustment or massage therapy, but it’s something our team does often for patients.

Want to make those spinal discs more spongy and marshmallow-y? Spinal decompression is an amazing, gentle solution to help you on your next visit at Crew.

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